MOBILISE Monthly Partner’s Webex Meeting in May

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5th May 2020

Online Webex Platform

UK Team (Prof. Terrence Fernando, Henneke), Pakistan Team, Malaysia Team (Sr. Dr. Noralfishah Sulaiman as Project Leader), Dr. Norhalina Senan from Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology (FSKTM), Dr. Nazirah Mohammad Abdullah from Faculty of Civil and Built Environment (FKAAB), Sheikh Kamran Abid, Umber Nazir, Siti Kursiah Kamalia Abdul Latib, Ahmad Farhan Roslan and Nur Azhani Adnan from KANZU Research: Resilient Built Environment

MOBILISE Malaysia team attended the monthly Webex meeting with the project leader Prof. Terrence Fernando. All the teams from UK, Pakistan and Sri Lanka were also present in the meeting. First of all, Prof Terrence updated about the current situation in UK due to the Covid-19 outbreak which is getting worse but we have to work altogether as a team in this challenging environment to meet the objectives MOBILISE project. Furthermore Prof. Terrence briefly described about current status and milestones of MOBILISE to achieve or has been achieved in this month. Prof. Terrence introduced the MOBILISE system version 2.0 which includes some more functionalities depending upon user needs. Later on Ben David, the former developer of MOBILISE system, presented the system about how can we upload the shape files and see if there’s any hazard or exposure in any area where there is any population or communities resided.

The next presentation was given by Mr. Mushtaq Ahmed Jan from Pakistan MOBILISE team. He presented the current status of MOBILISE Pakistan and the apps and article writing they are working on. Prof. Terrence appreciated their effort on crisis mapping using Twitter data. After that, Dr. Udayangani from MOBILISE Sri Lanka team presented about the monthly report. She also presented the article paper her team is working on.

At last, Dr Noralfishah presented the monthly report and current status of MOBILISE Malaysia. The MOBILISE Malaysia team has put a great effort on utilizing the MOBILISE system for the Covid-19 situation to provide some help to the agencies during this challenging time. Dr. Noralfishah also presented the MOBILISE Malaysia version 2.0 with the Covid-19 data throughout Malaysia for hospitals, quarantine centers, ambulance stations, and police stations. Prof Terrence appreciated Dr. Noralfishah and MOBILISE Malaysia team on this effort. Dr. Noralfishah also presented the progress of article papers the team is working on.

In the end, Prof Terrence ended the meeting by mentioning about 3 months extension in MOBILISE project due to the Pandemic situation.

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