MOBILISE Monthly Partner’s Webex Meeting in July

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7th July 2020

Online Microsoft Teams

UK Team (Prof. Terrence Fernando, Henneke), Pakistan Team, Malaysia Team Umber Nazir, Siti Kursiah Kamalia Abdul Latib, Ahmad Farhan Roslan and Syamimi Shahlal from KANZU Research: Resilient Built Environment

MOBILISE Malaysia team attended the monthly Webex meeting with the project leader Prof. Terrence Fernando. All the teams from UK, Pakistan and Sri Lanka were also present in the meeting. The routine project meeting was to update the MOBILISE team on project recent progress. There were a few things that have been discussed in the meeting:

  1. Prof. Terrence gave a welcome speech about the current situation and the milestones to achieve by the end of this year.
  2. Danish (Pakistan Team) presented the progress of the project activities in Pakistan.
  3. Dr Udayangani (Sri Lanka Team) presented the progress of project activities in their country.
  4. On behalf of Dr Nora, Umber presented the progress for MOBILISE Malaysia and the next milestones to achieve within July and August 2020.
  5. In the end, Srimal (UK Team) presented his paper on flood risk management in Sri Lanka.

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