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No. Date Title Location Link
1. 21 August 2020 International Conference on Mass Wasting and Landslide Hazards Kuala Lumpur
2. 8 January 2020 Road builders at Penang landslide site fined RM 22,000 George Town
3. 1 January 2020 Sarawak experiences fourth hillslopes collapse in 48 hours Miri
4. 10 December 2019 Landslide causes collapse of portion of Tuaran road Tuaran, Sabah
5. 10 December 2019 50 longhouse residents in Sarawak evacuated after landslide Kuching
6. 10 December 2019 Key road in rural Kiulu collapses after heavy rains Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
7. 9 December 2019 Sabah opposition party blames ‘irresponsible’ clearing for Kundasang landslide Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
8. 9 December 2019 Landslide in Kundasang cuts off Sabah’s east and west coast links Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
9. 03 December 2018 Sibu-Bintulu road cut off by a landslide Sibu, Sarawak
10. 20 November 2019 A country notoriously prone to landslides Petaling Jaya
11. 19 November 2019 SAM concerned over Mount Erskine hill-cutting works George Town
12. 14 November 2019 Landslide at major road as flash floods hit KL centre Kuala Lumpur
13. 7 November 2019 Genting landslide: Alternative route built; affected road still closed Genting Highland, Pahang
14. 7 November 2019 Genting landslide: ‘Heavy rain destabilised soil’ Genting Highland, Pahang
15. 6 November 2019 Landslide affected Jalan Genting — Amber Court to be open to all vehicles tonight Cameron Highland, Pahang—-amber-court-be-open-all-vehicles
16. 6 November 2019 Landslide hits road in Malaysia’s Genting Highlands Genting Highland, Pahang
17. 5 November 2019 Landslide: Slip road to apartments cut off, Genting main road unaffected Genting Highland, Pahang
18. 25 May 2019 2 landslides hit Camerons Cameron Highland, Pahang
19. 03 March 2019 Unifi and TM fixed-line subscribers in Sarawak hit by landslide, construction works Kuching, Sarawak
20. 25 January 2019 Landslide causes extensive damage to TM’s network in Sarawak Kuching, Sarawak
21. 25 January 2019 Landslide causes extensive damage to TM’s network in Sarawak Tatau, Sarawak